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Welcome to Unleash Solar of Orange County

Unleash Solar offers quality solar power systems at a price that can fit in within most budgets. With our effective solar panels, homeowners throughout the Orange County area have been able to dramatically reduce or eliminate their electricity bills, while doing their part to help protect and sustain the environment.

Our Solutions

Have you ever considered taking advantage of clean, natural energy? There is no better time than now to unleash the power of the sun with our effective, environmentally friendly solar solutions:

  • Residential solar systems
  • Electricity generation systems
  • Photovoltaic solar panels
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What Makes Us Different?

Why bother dealing with inconvenient leasing options (which are commonly found with our competitors) when you can own your own system? With Unleash Solar, you get to own the system for as long as you own your property. We offer the highest quality solutions available, along with dependable installation, to ensure that your new system can reliably meet your needs for years to come.

Our Warranties

We are proud to offer reliable warranties with every installation, including:

  • 5-year warranty on the entire system
  • 25-year manufacturer warranty on solar panels

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